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Imogen Heap




Sparks (2014)

Imogen Heap & Deadmau5 - Telemiscommunications

Imogen Heap & Deadmau5 - Telemiscommunications


Ellipse (2009)

Speak For Yourself

Speak For Yourself (2006)

Frou Frou - Details

Frou Frou - Details (2002)

I Megaphone

I Megaphone (1998)


Imogen Heap is a British eclectic, eccentric and innovative recording artist. Her talent spans from the craft of songwriting to elaborate live multi-instrumental improvisations with electronics, building on a unique voice, classical training and unusual interest and command of technology which is fully explored within and outside of her musical projects.

Self-produced, independent, engaged, she blurs the boundaries between pure artform and creative entrepreneurship. Heap has always communicated and collaborated with her loyal following (currently she has over 2m twitter followers alone) both on and offline in pioneering ways. This has included fans contributing anything from words, sounds, photos, video and even a spot of gardening to her album related endeavors and occasionally via her innovative 'Listening Chair' project (that visited TED global 2012).

Her graceful tunes such as signature track 'Hide & Seek' populate movies and TV shows, accompany dance and theatre performances and more recently, have been sampled by a whole new generation of young rappers and producers. Her 'Gloves' project - a wireless gestural system for creating music with computers - was premiered at TEDU Global 2011 and has attracted worldwide interest. Other technology projects have included a generative and reactive music jogging app, and explorations in 3D sound with leading engineers and technologists.

Heap's 2009 album Ellipse earned her a Grammy and Ivor Novello award.

Summer 2014 saw the release of Sparks, her fifth and most ambitious album to date. Sparks' songs have taken Imogen all over the world from her North East London home studio to the Himalayas via China. This year Imogen is the guest artist-curator for the iconic London Roundhouse venue's new music festival Reverb.


Sparks video playlist